Is it possible to including web URL for sound sets in CSV download?

Hi, I’ve been happily using Syrinscape for quite a while now, first with the Desktop player when we were able to meet in person, but more recently using the Online player now we are exclusively… online.

We use Fantasy Grounds and implement Syrinscape using John Waite’s (mattekure) extension and Soundlink module.

However I realised that no matter how great the setup moods were I almost always wanted to tweak them just a little for my the characters’ specific circumstances or players’ taste, and this would pull me away for the game as I searched for the correct page and adjusted levels etc. in the Online Player. Not ideal.

I then realised that each soundset/mood etc. page has it’s own URL. I spoke with John about this and whether he could implement triggering the URL from the soundlink in Fantasy Grounds, so the sound would play and the webpage for the sound would automatically be opened if it needed any adjustments. He said he thought it would be possible to add that line into the soundlink, but that the web address would first need to be included within the CSV record that is downloaded from you.

Is this possible? I’m hope you just flick a switch and it’s included but I imagine it’s not as easy as that!

Anyway, thanks for listening and keep up the good work.



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Yes as @sonofconan often tells us it is rarely ever as simple as flicking a switch :slight_smile:

Buuut it is definitely something that we can take a look at if it would be useful for people

Haha! I figured it wouldn’t be that simple! Thanks for getting back to me.

I reckon that for people triggering moods within a VTT, to suddenly realise that the Online Player page is synced for them to tweak the sounds instantly, without searching, could be a significant quality of life improvement that they perhaps didn’t even know they wanted or needed. :smile:


If this does get included in the CSV (and I hope it does), I will add it to my FG extension.

Please add the column to the end of the CSV, and not insert it somewhere between the existing columns.


Is this an example of the URL you want to open?

I think the soundset ID is the only piece of data that is currently missing from the CSV export, and this should allow @mattekure to generate the link from the existing element ID (e.g. e:703728) and new soundset ID when processing the CSV data?

Looking at the URL, that soundset ID is all that I would need to generate the full url. the only variables it appears are the element id and the soundset ID.