Is it possible for Players to click sound buttons?


I see a lot of cool PC sounds in my list under the D&D subscription I’m using. As the DM, do I need to click on those, or is there a way I can let my players have access to them?


I have not seen an option for the players to be able to select sounds. Would be kinda neat if they could use some of yours though. Like if they had access to their class spell sounds and click it when they say they are casting it.


Okay I’m glad I didn’t miss anything there.

I spent a few hours and implemented something in Python that I think might work. It is currently an extremely ugly thing, but if it does work and we polish it up some, I will share back to the group.


OK @rethinkgaming :slight_smile:

Our big aim is to add the feature for Players to add OneShots into their Syrinscape Online Player Apps.

In the meantime you can either:

  1. share the remote control links from your Master UI (under the hamburger menu at the top right). Players simply click on these links and their sounds will be blended into the rest of the sound design.
  2. Put these links into some sort of hand applet.

Re 2. Would you interested in trying the little Python App that I wrote for my own private us. I can share the exe with you? :hammer::hammer_and_wrench:


I’d love to take a look, sure.

Right now, I’m experimenting with a web interface that players can use to hook the 3rd part integration links using the desktop app. It calls little py files that use os.execute commands via cgi. Security is terrible on the idea, but the team threw it together in about a day, so - so far so good.

We’re not using the online app yet, but are streaming to Discord through a standalone user and its own browser session. We landed here simply to reduce the number of endpoint issues, because Fantasy Grounds Unity is already stressing some of the less-computer-savvy users out.


Just reporting back from the field. It worked, they loved it. Perhaps a bit too much. Notice how it got used on the first night:

467 clicks all together, and many of them useful. Might have to be the dad of the group and remove farts from the list of choices.

I cannot BELIEVE there are so many different recorded versions of that, by the way. SOO MANY different things kept happening when they clicked that button…