Iron Gods and Syrinscape


I’m currently running an Iron Gods campaign for Pathfinder…

So I’m needing both sci-fi and fantasy sounds for going down an submerged spaceship and such.
Can someone give me a hand what packs I need for this?

Thanks in Advance


Well! I can give you some generalities - give me some more specifics and I can give you more detail.

You said submerged spaceship, so I might recommend Fantasy Player’s Underwater Dungeon for getting down there in the first place, perhaps along with Sci-Fi’s Sea Monster. Sci-Fi player’s Abandoned Space Station (I presume this ship is abandoned), Shipboard, or Engine Room would have the sounds you need. There’s also Spacedock, if you need a more active ship, and Alien from Alien if you have a proper alien stalking the place!

Nuclear Submarine has some water leaks under pressure and stressing metal sounds that could be useful if someone punctures the hull!

If you need other sounds, just tell me what scenarios you’re facing and I can recommend some others!

yeah sure :slight_smile:

I can give you more details

actually it’s that campaign here:
I do not need water leakage (sorry maybe I said the wrong thing here). The spaceship emergecy landed on a continent like in the conan universe and got buried there. However the cavern could be useful and the metal clacking you said (shoes on metal) is good =)

We’re still in ch. 1 so yeah.

Thanks though

Ooo, there are robot foes down there to boot! There’s Mecha Battle, Giant Steampunk Robot, and Evil Android for some of those dire foes. Whoo!

So, anybody ever do a custom campaign for this? I’m gearing up to start a new run of this AP, and it would be great if I didn’t have to piece one together myself.

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