iPad no sound unless Bluetoothed


Only time I get any sounds is with a Bluetooth speaker connected?


So, what you’re saying is, once the app is started on the iPad (which one do you have btw?), you can’t get sound out of the iPad itself? You have to connect speakers via Bluetooth? What happens if you plug in headphones?


Do you have the iPad on mute? Open the control panel (flick up from the bottom of the screen) and check that the bell symbol isn’t red with a line through it. Some programs still make some sounds when the iPad is muted but programs like Syrinscape won’t. :grin:


Ah. Mute button. Solved


Yeah… it’s a bit of a super secret trick isn’t it. Catches quite a few people out.

Glad you found it! :smiley:


Why is the sound for Syrinscape tied to ringer audio? The mute button is for ringers and alerts, not music. I’d prefer to leave the ringer muted so that games are not interrupted by an unexpected alert or ringer audio.


Hiya @chief.ahusaka,

Syrinscape is built in Unity and that’s just how things were in the version of Unity the current public build was built in… but… we are almost finished with out great-big-update… so this is something we can look at again. Maybe things have changed! I’ve made a ticket for the team.