IPad Can’t login


I am unable to login on my iPad. I enter my email and password and it just says “you need to enter your Syrinscape email and password.” I have no problem logging on my computer.


Hi @jheinen

Here’s some good info for you… :slight_smile:

The most common reason people can’t log in is:
0) Literally mistyping the password OR email address. Including “.com.com” “.net” instead of ".com’ Having a trailing space at the end of the email.

After that, check:

  1. Make sure your password contains no accented symbols and is just plain ASCI characters. Also it is not toooooo looooong!
  2. Don’t use autofill to fill either field. Type everything in by hand.
    3) for iOS Make sure you hit DONE or NEXT after each bit of entry to make sure it actually goes into Syrinscape.

Let us know how you go. :slight_smile: