iOS problem web player

Hi, (sorry for my english) the web player work on a iOS system?
last night before the session i passed the web player link to my players, but one of them had an ipad and was getting the error that it is not supported
in these cases can one player use the downloadable online player (then downloading the app and placing it as a minion on my master interface) while the others use the web player?
thanks for the replies

(i have syrinscape account full)

Hi Daniel,

The Web Player does NOT currently work on iOS. Fixing that is certainly something we are working on. :robot: :hammer: Apples restrictions on triggering sounds from a browser are pretty extreme!

They certainly CAN use the Online Player app instead. Some of their sounds might occur randomly in a different order, but they’ll get most of the experience.

Let us know how it goes! :slight_smile: