Installing soundset creator multiple times


Hey there,

Im on vacation and want to install the soundset creator on my new Laptop. But I can’t really find the link to install it. Can I only install the Creator for one time, Because I only found the link in the “Syrinscape Online (beta)” panel. But I’m not sure if this Soundset creator allows me to create sound sets that I’m able to use in the offline creator. Is it the link I’m looking for or is there hidden another link for a soundset creator that works for the offline player?

I hope for some help.


Hi @d_petri,

Firstly, THANKS for your support as a sub!

Secondly, the OLD version of the Creator did run locally on your machine, BUT it still needed the internet on startup to verify your subscription/access permission etc AND to install content to work with.

The NEW ‘shiny/much better/more stable/better features’ Creator is builtdirectly into the Online Player, so now there is:

  1. a much better search functionality that returns results from EVERY element and sample on our server.
  2. No need to download and preinstall content - samples are delivered to the Online Player as needed (with a tiny delay on just the first playback)
  3. No need to upload content once you’ve finished, you SoundSets are automatically updated every time you make changes, and is installable on your Standalone Players.
  4. Lots of other good things.

Makes sense?


Yes, of course, Thank You.