Installing Sound Sets

Is there a way to download and install all of the sound sets at once instead of clicking each individually?

Not yet but it’s on our wants list. I think Ben might have mentioned it being on the next release but not sure.

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Indeed, :smile:

It won’t be in this next buld (coming out this week), but should be in the one after that!

It’s annoying having to watch and click and watch and click and watch…


Has this been implemented? If so I can’t find the option.

Nope, not yet. soz. :cookie:

Just wondering if this has been implemented yet as I can’t find the option on the PC version of Syrinscape.

Not implemented yet.

Just keep clicking!! :slight_smile:

Actually, we are moving away from having to have to preinstall anything at all ever. We’ve found the Minion Player is able to download and use samples fast enough to be unnoticed usually (just on an ‘as needed’ basis).


So can I use the Minion Player yet? If so is there any guide on it?

Is there a way to display ‘Not Installed’ ? I don’t mind the click to download, but it is a pain to find what’s new to download.


The “Download all” will ever be implemented on the player?

I think “Download all” would be a pretty drastic thing… that’s triggering GIGABytes of data… do you REALLY want every single adventure path and DnD adventure SoundPack on your machine with no discrimination?

NOTE: in Syrinscape Online there is actually NO installing or downloading… things are sent to the Player when you actually click on them = that, i like! :slight_smile:

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Feedback on this one, adding my 2c in case it’s consistent with others.

I used Syrinscape for a short while historically before deciding that I wanted my soundscapes integrated with my digital battlemap. I’m moving away from the digital tabletop now and checking in on things to determine whether Syrinscape better fits my use case. I want to have all of the samples available to me, both in the Player and in the Creator so that I can freely select from everything when assembling custom packs, as well as quickly find the perfect pack when my players take a detour I didn’t expect.

In my current tool, I have every available sound locally and this is a significant factor which I’m using to determine which software I proceed with.

Definitely investigate this then, @joshbrodienz

NOTING: that the Creation functionality will be unlocking in the Online Player as soon as we can make that happen in the new year… it’s gonna be amazing! :slight_smile:

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