Initial Setup to Game Day Questions

I have upgraded my subscription to SuperSyrin; told my players to download the Syrinscape Online Player, the Fantasy Player, and sync them; and I have created a Soundset for my game. This is where I go, “Now what?” The instructions in the video seem a little vague and unclear at this point in regards to the questions I have.

I send the players the link from the Control Panel, but do I need to do that for every game session?

Do I run Syrinscape from the Fantasy Player or the Master Interface? If it’s from the player, how do I get my Soundset to my Fantasy Player?

If (when) the pandemic ends and we start playing in the same room and the players aren’t using their computers/headphones but instead I’m piping the sound from speakers do I run my Soundset the same way?

Thanks for your help. I have a game Sunday and I’m hoping to get this figured out before then.

You only need to invite once. Once they are IN your game, next time they will simply have to start their Online Player and they will hear you.
UNLESS, of course, they LEAVE your game (or you kick them out) in which case, they’ll have to join your game again.

Run the Master Interface.

For local player you can use either Fantasy Player OR Online Player… simply plug speaker into the device that is running the app.

Here’s a useful video that may help running:

Have a watch of that and then ask some more questions as you need. :slight_smile: