In the dark, as usual


Is something on the works with the obnoxious interface?
I’m done trying to figure out why one created soundset appears in my campaings but do not in the syrinscape player


Did you include own samplework or music? From what it looks like, there are no moods in the soundset, which usually means, that while uploading and transcoding the soundset, something upset the server. Maybe the soundset needs an extra push, which could be done by @Steve :wink:


I made a version with moods for the soundset, but still I can’t figure why it doesn’t work. I included own music, as you said, but to avoid transcoding issues I uploaded them in wav.


What was the source of your music? MP3 files? You have to clear the metadata of the file to make it work properly. Depending on the software you use, the metadata can be carried over into the WAV file and causing issues.

Also - it is important to get the proper WAV format: 44.1kHz, 16bit, stereo.

Transcodung will be done anyway, if everything would be handled in the WAV format, the soundsets would be huuuuuuuuge! :slight_smile:



Sorry for your frustration @axor :-/

It’s not the ‘obnoxious’ interface that is the prob, it is the fact that the SoundSet upload has failed. As in, the import process got as far as creating an entry for the SoundSet name… but then failed on importing the samples.

As @new_vision suggests, probably a failed sample or something. Wanna share an export zip with me and I will try an upload and find what is causing the prob.

What we ARE doing to fix up your experience in the near future is bring the Creator functions directly onto our server… so sample uploads will fail immediately, and with better feedback for you.

Give us just a little while longer! :slight_smile: