In Soundset Creator, trying to click and drag elements just 'selects' text


Normally if you hover over the eight little dots on the right of an element icon in the Soundset Creator, your cursor changes to a four-arrow compass. Then you can click and drag the elements so they’re in the order that’s most convenient.

Now when I try to do it, though, instead of picking up and moving the element, I just end up selecting the text.

I’ve checked to make sure my shift, alt, and ctrl keys weren’t stuck. Any idea what’s causing this tiny glitch?


Hmmm… What browser are you using?

Also… btw… move elements and moods around one by one with big gaps in between to let the database have a chance to update accurately.


It first cropped up in Chrome. I opened an Edge browser and things worked fine for a bit, but then it started happening in there.

Now I’m using Chrome again to prep for my next session, and it’s working fine. I’ll keep an eye out for what else might be going on.