In Search of Female Prayer and or chanting?


I have found a lot of great prayers and chants, but they are all male and masculine or have a 50/50 of flipping gender, do we have any reliable prayer/chanting for female clerics and worshippers? I technically need a prayer of healing, but have no idea where to find that or a “healing word” as…AFAIK, I used all the healing sounds up with Cure Wounds as prescribed. I would gladly take something even remotely close the Ezrans muttering with a feminine voice…Really not picky here. :smile:


There is female chanting in Sci-Fi player’s Cultists set, but that may sound too evil. How about Spellcaster - Sorceress from the Board Game player (using the yellow one-shots) for healing words and sounds?


I totally blanked on that. Yes, the games player sounds were absolutely fine.