Imported Audio Files Not Playing in Master/Minion Player - RESOLVED


I recently imported a .ogg audio file into the soundset creator, added it to an element and then a custom soundset, and then I uploaded that soundset to the server so I could use that soundset in the Master/Minion player. I was able to successfully add the imported audio file to an element and then add it to the custom soundset, and the audio file plays successfully inside the soundset creator. However, when I try to play the mood to which the imported audio file is associated in the Master/Minion player, the audio does not play for that element. I don’t have any other samples added to that element except the one imported audio file.

I’m not sure what could be the issue.


We did a massive server shift last night and changed the Master/Minion Player over to it’s new build Syrinscape Online, which is what was most likely causing your problem.

Follow the link above for details on installing the new client and let us know how you get on :slight_smile:


Thanks guys. The imported audio file is working now. Just a quick question on uploading a custom soundset to the server, if I wanted to delete a soundset I have uploaded to the server, how would I go about doing that?


Great, glad it’s working now :smile:

So to delete a soundset from the server;

  1. Go to the Campaign manager.
  2. Find your unwanted SoundSet
  3. Click the little minus at the bottom right
  4. Confirm your deletion with the browser dialogue
  5. Weep a single tear for sad parting