I'm unable to install soundsets - Files could not be verified


Hi there!

Returning user of syrinscape here. Long story short, any time I try to download and install a sound set, I get an error message: “Syrinscape could not complete installation of {soundset name} as some files could not be verified. Please try again later.”

Is there a fix for this? I’ve been able to install a few sound sets after many tries each, but I have to imagine there’s a reason this is happening.



Can you give a little bit more details? Which OS, which player and, most importantly, which version of the app. :slight_smile:



Windows 10
Desktop Player (not online)
version - 1.4.7-P5


Thanks. Have you restarted the computer after installing the 1.4.7 version? Do you get the same problem with the previous version?


I have restarted a few times, I have not tried with the previous version. How do I find installers for previous versions?


Just hop onto the website to the download page. Under the download button that leads to the current version there is a link “previous versions” that leads you to older versions. :slight_smile:


Alright, I downgraded to version 1.4.3-20190527 and I am still having issues installing some sound packs. I went in and tried to figure out which ones were working and which ones didn’t install correctly and it was maybe a 60/40 split.

I am no longer seeing that error message though, it’s just getting stuck at 100% and not completing. Some of the sound sets I’m having trouble with are:

Cartoa Outdoors
Creepy Shopkeeper
Debauched Gala
Elemental - Earth

Just to name a few.


Getting stuck at 100% (or close to it) happened occasionally on the version you are using. To get around that you have to cancel the download and install it again. Syrinscape has kept the download data and continues where it has left off, usually it is just a verification.

The fact that some downloads work and others don’t can point to a connection problem. Did you try to install several soundsets at once?


Do you want to drop us a quick email at support, using the email address you use for Syrinscape and I can take a proper look at your account for you and give it a bit of a kick if needed :slight_smile: