I'm not sure what the status of my player is


I’ve joined someone’s game and will be trying to use this. I installed it and never got a device pin from the app. I’ve tried the steps listed in these forums to get it working but nothing. However, on the games webpage, it shows my device in there and that it’s linked. So is this an automatic thing now? Am I done? Do I need to look for this elusive device PIN further?


@digexx If you launch the online player app and it does not display a PIN, but instead displays your name (top left), then it is already linked and you don’t need to do anything further except launch the app when it’s time to play and accept the GM’s invitation to join their game via the control panel.

If it’s still not working, you can try to click the broken chain icon in the online player itself or the devices list on control panel to unlink your devices. The online player should again display a PIN, that you can enter by logging into the control panel and clicking “Enter device pin” from the devices list.