Icons are gone?



I noticed when I started Syrinscape that the icons for several of the standard sounds were all missing? Is this something I can fix? Move a file someplace?




Hmmm… looks like you managed to break your Cache data for one of your SoundSets. Can you tell me. What hover over text you get at the bottom right when you mouse over the OneShots with the broken icon? You should be able to fix them, buy CLEARING (under the settings cog) and then reinstalling the relevant content.


Now I’m getting this error and all icons are ?s.



The Mouse overs on the icons seem fine. “Weapon Hits Chain Mail” “9th level spell” etc.


Okay, if I have to reinstall, by hand, all of my sound sets. Again.


Why is there not a subscriber download or something that will do this for me? Why can’t I select where I want to put this (I know about adding the pointer to the directory) so that Syrinscape does this??

I mean, again, 32 bit and issues. Are you going to upgrade to 64? Are you just pushing everyone to the subscriber model and online?? GAH.


Can I clear just the cache and not have to redownload all of the soundsets?


Still waiting on an answer for this.