Ice Elemental/Golem battle?


Trying to find some sounds for a battle with a frozen golem for War for the Crown Book 3. Is there anything like useable around for roars/movement of an ice monster?

Searching “elemental” in the forum for specific sounds is impossible because it just brings up everything related to Syrinscape slements, and I can’t find much about moving or splintering ice.


So, you’ll likely want some of Icy Wasteland for ambiance, and then Earth Elemental for the roars and whatnot, as it’s heavy and substantial. To add the hard, sharp sounds that could be ice movement, try the Ceramic Guardians mood from Dream Quest II (mostly using the ceramic guardian elbows/knees/roars), along with the Chill Touch trap and the universal Ice Spell one-shot. The “ice crystals” element from White Dragon (mountainside) also helps for movement on ice.

I hope that helps!


It’s a bit of an odd situation, since they fight it inside a very high-end building rather than up on a mountain or in a frozen cave.

That said, the Cermaic Guardian elements and the Ice Crystals from White Dragon are spectacular! I can definitely use those to get something set up.


Like a palace? Perhaps Debauched Gala or Vyre Banquet would be better background elements (screaming and carrying on) if your fancy building is inhabited. It also has some good crashes and bangs if you’re upsetting tables or crashing through walls. Red Dragon City Raid or Stones Over Sandpoint have crumbling buildings and thrown boulders, which might sound like a mighty golem breaking buildings. Deserted House or Magnimar (Big City), the Derelict Townhouse mood also offer an array of creaks and squeaks of the wooden variety if things get precarious.