I think the search function in the online app is broken

I’m playing Starfinder: Dead suns, and when I try to search for, for example “Absalom Station”, I only get three results. If I search for “Dead Suns”, I get none. Same for “Incident at Absalom Station”. I can find each different soundtrack if I search for a single word in their name, like “Gang” to find the Gand War soundpack, but they don’t show up in a broader search, which is really what I need to quickly access the multitude of sound packs.

Search is fairly basic at the moment.But we are currently working on an improved search backend that should provide more relevant results.

In the meantime, you can use the adventure path acronyms to find the adventures… search for acronyms on these forums (or the FAQ, I think).


And also, yes, better search is still something we are close to deploying!