I need many & various fey sounds


I’ll be running a fey-centered adventure on Saturday and am looking for additional suggestions for soundscapes. It’s entirely unclear if the PCs will be fighting or talking, so I’d like to be ready for either.

The fey sounds I’m aware of are the Tooth Fairies from HBS Rebuild the Ravens & the evilish fey gal from In the Lair of the Siren. What else is there?

I will need—
sprites, so many sprites
lots and lots of satyrs

Any help will be welcome! Thanks


Also, I forgot to mention above, definite combat with a will-o-the-wisp.


What about Gnomeland Securities’ gnomes? They could be some rather rambunctious fey. Satyrs, you could get the “manly men” sounds from Friendly Tavern or Tavern Brawl, because satyrs are hearty and earthy sorts.

And will o’ wisps always struck me a ethereal and a bit “zappy”, depending on the edition you’re using. Perhaps a touch of Shimmering Veils with a smidge of Disjunction Chamber?


Thanks again as ever, HECook. Disjunction Chamber and the manly men are particularly good suggestions. I’ve been overusing the gnome land security gnomes a bit lately, so I’ll hold off on these.

Syrinscape needs more fey sounds!


How about Debauched Gala? Chuckling party goer, giggling party goer, and flirtatious party goer elements? That sounds like some fey taking humor at the party’s predicament. Or what about Rogue - Female (Merisiel)? Her vocalizations could also work for a fey.

River Journey has some vocalizations from a halfling river captain - while some are a bit specific to the campaign, there are some basic ones (yes, no, etc) that might suit for a fey making the party play 20 questions with her!


Small feet and gibberish of small creatures - Derros in EOA Dead Warrens.