I’m not the GM in one game!


Hi Ben & awesome staff,

Now here’s a thing - I’m a supersyrin have been for ages as I’m almost always the DM of our games and I’ve been using Syrinscape exclusively for face to face gaming.

Now the world is crazy one of my players has offered to run a discord game (I can play, yay!) and use the online player. Is there an elegant way he can use my account to DM whilst not disrupting my other games where I’m the DM?

Many thanks, Hal


You can use Syrinscape on up to three devices so if you wanted him to run the game using your account then you can totally do that. For you to play at the same time though you will need to have a free account as you can’t be playing and running :slight_smile:

From the Control panel you can control who is in the game, invite new players and kick un-need ones. I regularly host several games a week with different players for each session. You just send them a fresh game invite at the start of the session


I thought this was the solution! Many thanks