I cannot hear my own sounds through online player - RESOLVED


Title says most of it. When i click on my soundsets or individual elements the master interface looks like it’s “loading” or “processing”, but it doesn’t actually play. I don’t hear anything and it doesn’t show the elements lighting up at all.

I’ve got a huge session tomorrow that i’ve been planning around Syrinscape and It’s looking pretty grim right now.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


  1. I have to ask to cover all bases. Do you have the player open? And are the bars dancing or no bars at all?
  2. Have you hit the recycle button to change servers and you still can’t hear anything? Two arrows forming a circle at the bottom of the left panel with S and a number but it


@blaine.hewett What did you do differently from your creation process? It may be possible, that your created soundsets won’t sync properly (though that should be fixed), they should, however work in the Online creator/player. A screenshot of the status would be helpful, as would be, on what platform you are working on.


After some troubleshooting, I found that changing the connected server seemed to fix the issue. Thank you for the followup.

This was on Windows, and unfortunately I don’t have a screenshot for you, but if the issue manifests again I will take a video and submit it to the team.


@blaine.hewett I’m with the same problem.

Can you share your fix? How did you “changed the connected server”?


On the left hand side of the screen next to the version number you’ll set a set of numbers (the speed) the server number and a refresh symbol. Just hit the refresh symbol to jump to a different server.

Syrinscape will automatically change your server if it detects a problem but you can always trigger it yourself if you are having problems, especially at the weekend when the servers are busy


Sorry. I can’t find it…


On the master interface :slight_smile:

The Player is just for playing the sounds, any actions you take, triggering sounds, creating content or changing server are always done on Syrinscape Onlines Master interface (the browser)


@Steve worked too. Thank you.

Server 1 is with some problem.