I believe i may just about be blind


So i am clearly missing a pretty important component here… i have created my sound set using the Soundset Creator but uh… i cannot find a save button anyhwere

I closed it down and opened it again (i have to uninstall between each time i open it or it refuses to open)

And sure enough my soundset is still there, but it does not appear on the Syrinscape Online dashboard so i imagine there is another step i have yet to figure out


Click on the soundset and on the right where the soundset name is you should see a cloud button to upload it to the server.


Thanks so much @davinci522

Let us know if you can work it out @aleksah

Note: once a SoundSet uploads it usually takes at least 10 minutes for it to full process on our server and be available for use.


Yikes. That 10 minute delay is brutal. I’m using my mac to edit and upload sounds (it’s the machine I have my editing software on) and then my PC to play and see if works (since the macOS player isn’t currently working), I can’t tell if it’s not playing on my PC because I did something wrong or if it’s just the delay.


@katie.hawkey The 10 minute delay applies to soundsets that were uploaded from the older (offline) version of the SoundSet Creator, which uploads your soundset as a zip with the soundset definition and samples which then need to be imported and transcoded and made available to the genre players (Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Board Game) as an installable soundset.

With the new (online) version of the SoundSet Creator, just deployed last week, you work directly on the server and your changes are available immediately via the Online Player (though you will need to “reload” the master interface to pull in changes made from another browser/computer), and with a ~5 minute delay via the genre players.


@katie.hawkey Also, it’s worth mentioning that you don’t have to run the Online Player app on the same machine that you access the Syrinscape Online master interface (web app).

You can run the Online Player app on any number of phones, tablets and computers, and switch which one is “active” as often as you like. Only the “active” device will respond to triggered moods and elements in the Syrinscape Online master interface.

We often run the app on a phone connected directly to loud speakers and control it from the computer.