Humble Bundle - Royalty free music

Heck of a lot of music!

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Great stuff to use in Community Content projects?

Unfortunately I don’t think so. It is royalty-free but given its still something that must be purchased I don’t think it can be shared… :frowning:

Can someone ask them specifically? Syrinscape would not be selling the samples… or even the SoundSets that included them. It’d be a community sharing thing (though obviously people pay a sub to get access…)

Good idea. I didn’t purchase it but certainly doesn’t hurt to ask…

I take it back. Reviewing the language again it seems to me the intent of the bundle is to use the sounds in content creation, streaming, video gam creation, etc. So, I assume that as long as you aren’t wholesale exchanging the content but rather imbedding certain sounds into campaigns that seems like it should be fine. Sorry for chiming in on something before I looked at it closer…

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