Human battle SoundSets

I love the software, but while you have some great generic monster battle SoundSets, I often struggle to find a good soundscape for my generic battles against NPCs. I’d like to see some more generic “human” SoundSets. There could be a few different ones for different types of humans one might fight. For example:

  • Bandit Attack
  • Soldier Battle
  • Town Guard

You could have some different moods in each of them. For example, in the “Bandit Attack” SoundSet, you could have a tense, “I think we’re being watched” mood, a chaotic “Ambush!” mood, and a more dramatic “Thick of the fight” mood.

Thanks very much for the excellent software! I’m really enjoying using it in my game :smile:

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If you have a Supersyrin sub then take a look at Battle at Wolven Pass as that should do what you need, particularly for soldier battles. If not then you could make a ‘Custom Mood’ using samples from Bugbear Battle, & Attack on Sandpoint.

(There’s actually a lot of good human sounds in the content already available so all three of those should be easy to make from existing samples @Benjamin)

Everything @Caldeth said.

Plus, there are some more good human battle sounds in:
sm The Cult Exposed = Cultist grunts
hbs Aria Park Protest = Consortium agression & Thug roars & Riotous yells &
sos Kintargo Keep = Soldier grunts & Soldier injuries

Check those out, then grab the Creator and mix them together to make just what you were talking about! :smile:

Is there a roadmap of some sort? This thread was great for a few examples but I wouldn’t have gone looking to all those soundsets for those sounds without this thread.

An overall roadmap of where you can find what kind of sounds would be awesome for quick reference.