HTTP Shortcuts for Links

Here’s a cool thing I did. I love moods and all that, but fail at one shots / sound effects because I’m often too busy running my 5 player campaign to tab over and hit buttons. Soo… I used a HTTP Shortcuts app to make a bunch of quick buttons to one-shots that I’m ok with my players playing during combat. We gather in person, and I just have this app up on a tablet that the current player has control over. Would be easy enough to share the app remotely or install it on individual phones too!

I made a JSON file that works with the app to import my settings. Got a link to (Available for android from google play - “HTTP Shortcuts”)

If anyone wants a copy of my JSON file I would happily share, however the API is keyed to my account, so it would probably take some re-working.


Super cool! Love it.

Noice! :pizza: :beers:

I do a similar thing, but using my Stream Deck. Works a treat = important to always have that sad trobome and Wilhelm scream close to hand!!!