How To Use Online Player To Hear Samples?

I’ve been trying to listen to individual samples on, with no luck. I then found a thread saying that this isn’t implemented yet, but that I should be able to either use the master site(?) or the old online player app. So now I’m trying both of these, and I still can’t hear samples.

Using the link for the “master” site, I get the same results as I was before - I can click on a button to play a sample, and it changes color as though it should play, but nothing plays.

So now I downloaded the online player app to try to hear samples. It looks like the player app window itself doesn’t do anything other than connect your device, and then open a web page to the Syrinscape master page. Is that right? I’m not supposed to be able to directly manipulate soundsets and elements and such in the app’s window, meaning the one that’s open in the task bar? It just needs to run for some reason while I still try to edit and work in the web page it opened? Because I still can’t get any samples to play when I do this.

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I figured out how to get working using the online player. Apparently I wasn’t actually accessing it until I clicked “play now”. I think it logged me off after an hour, though.

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Yay! This was an easy fix for me. :slight_smile:

Sorry we didn’t reply in time to help, but glad, you worked it out.

Don’t hesitate to reach out for help again when you need it.

And, note, that you will potentially get a faster response on the support email than on the forum here. :robot:

Glad to hear you worked it out. That said, I am pleased to say that you can now hear Sample playback from inside without the need for the Online Player, so this might be something you can revisit and you should find yourself having more luck!

For more details, see: [Master Interface/Web Player] Hearing Samples from Search and Element Playlist