How to use custom moods on Android?


Here’s what I’m doing on my Android phone:

Tap “Custom Moods”
Tap the Plus (+) sign below the “Silence” button.

  • Nothing happens -

In fact, the plus sign doesn’t do anything on any soundset.

  1. How is this supposed to work?
  2. While we’re at it, how can I uninstall a soundset?
  3. If I somehow manage to add something to Custom Moods, how can I remove it later on?


For what it’s worth, I subscribed to the service.


Soooo… you can find this info by clicking the little ‘i’ in the app OR by clicking the info OneShot at the top right of the SoundSet… but happy to copy here, too. :slight_smile:

Use this SoundSet to collect MOODs (2nd column) from all around Syrinscape. Simply set up Syrinscape playing just as you like, mixing together elements from any of the different SoundSets you have access to. Then come to the “Custom Moods” tab, add in the “Enigmatic Silence” element and hit the little PLUS to save your custom MOOD here.

Now you don’t have to search all through the App for the special setups you’ve created. Collect them all here under the one SoundSet.

Add this SoundSet into any custom Campaigns you’ve created as a good storehouse for a quick to find pre-set.

Does that make sense… ie:

  1. Start all the elements you want from ANY SoundSet in the app
  2. Bring up the “Custom Moods” SoundSet
  3. Start the “Enigmatic Silence” Element.
  4. NOW hit the ‘+’ and name and save your Custom Moods

You can save Custom Moods ANYWHERE in the app (at least anywhere that has at least ONE element playing), but the Custom Moods SoundSet is simply a useful place to collect them

  1. Delete installed SoundSets under the Settings menu (the little cog at the bottom left)
  2. Delete and re-arrange Moods using the little pencil (mostly bottom left)



@benjamin I’m sorry to bother you but I’m afraid I don’t have the ability for Custom Moods. I’ve followed the instructions posted above on both an Android and iPad device. Additionally I’ve tested in a Campaign settings and Purchased. I’m able to save the new SoundSet in the same grouping ( i.e. WitchWood ) however I’m unable to add this to my Customer Mood I or the others. I see the * + * but it’s not lit up as the one in the same SoundSet. Just in case, I used a stylus to be sure I was not fat fingering it heh.
I’m sure this must be a user error however it’s one I’ve hit the wall on. Are there additional items I need to add to my account profile? I was trying to setup music as my kid is playing Dungeon of the mad mage and I was testing these while waiting for the proper sounds come out.


In the custom moods set you need to activate Enegmatic Silence before you hit the + symbol. Click on the one shot on the top right of the player to hear a little guide :grin: