How To Upgrade To New Player?


Hi there,
How do I go about upgrading my Fantasy Player to the newest version? This past weekend my tablet updated to the new player (version 1.3.7-20180730), which was great because it has the one-shot sound scaling. But the version of Fantasy Player on my PC is still 1.3.3-20160816. I can’t seem to locate an ‘update’ button on the Player so it will update to the latest version. I actually thought it would update on its own, but never did.

Please advise.


Hiya, :smiley:

Just go to the downloads page on the website =

Download the latest installer and run that.

Let me know if you have any probs.


Thanks, Benjamin. That worked!

I was unaware I had to download the new version (I’m not terribly tech-savvy), but will be sure to keep my eyes peeled in case there is news of any more major updates.

Thanks again!