How to turn down the master control panels audio

Sound playing directly from the online master control panel must be a new feature. As I remember always using the client to play the audio to myself. But now I have no idea how to turn the volume down for myself. I could always turn the global volume down, but that’s not desirable because I don’t want to adjust the volume and mess up an online player’s volume levels because mine are too loud. I’d just rather disable the feature altogether and use the client again, or the devs should implement an easy way to turn down the masters volume independently of the global volume.


What you are using is the Web Player (at

If you want to use the older player = Online Player, run the app like normal and go here:

BUT, here’s the thinking with the Web Player:

  • you set the Global volume at a level that suits you for the content you are playing now, eg a SoundSet that is a bit softer
  • all the players set the volume that suits them in their own Basic Players… some like it a bit louder, some like it a bit softer
  • Now, for example, you start something that is REALLY loud, so you pop your Global volume down a little so you are still comfortable
  • this results in the volume for EVERYONE staying at a comfortable level as well (since they get a bit of a drop too).
  • OR you want a gradually rising tension (in, say, some horror content), so you bump up the Global volume a little all the while, so the players experience that too.

Does that make sense?

That said, there is a work around you could use:

  1. open like you are already, and MUTE that tab (right click on the tab marker)
  2. copy the Basic Player link using the Share Audio at the top right
  3. open that in an Incognito Tab
  4. Sound will come out of here and you’ll be able to adjust your volume, like a player (without affecting other people’s volume)