How to trigger a oneshot with a custom mood

Hey i noticed some of the moods in soundsets trigger onshots when you activate them. How do you make these in the soundset creator?

You create a new element in the creator. You select it and choose the Oneshot type in the element properties. You attach the samples you want to have to that element.
Then you go to the mood that you want the oneshot to start with. Make sure it is highlighted (leftmost column). Check again, if the oneshot element is still highlighted, too. In the property inspector should be the category mood element now - choose it and check the Starts with mood box. That’s it.

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Awesome! Thanks for the help.


No problem. Anything else bothering you, feel free to ask. :slight_smile:

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Sooooo I’ve done this numerous times. Most times it works.However, for whatever reason, I now have a one-shot element and when I select and play the Mood I want to attach it to, no matter if I play it and select it whilst the Mood is selected and playing, the tab for Mood Element does not show.
Ordinarily I’d say/type that it was the server not responding. However this does not appear to be the case.

So, you added the oneshot to your soundset? If the Mood element section doesn’t show, do a browser refresh aka F5. That should normally show the missing section. Then you can check the box and let the oneshot start with the mood.

I hope this helps. If that doesn’t work for some reason, please report back so I closer look can be taken. :nerd_face:

Yes, there’s a bug at the moment that means NEWLY created elements do NOT get a Mood/Element inspector created for them automatically.

A quick browser refresh of the UI will make the inspector show and then you’ll be able to set it to Start with Mood.

Sense makes?

revelatory Ah haaa. Many thanks. F5 it shall be.
Thanks both.

As a follow-on to this, is there no way to create a “one-shot” (perhaps additive is a better word) mood? I.e. a mood that layers onto the currently playing mood, rather than replacing it?

An example would be to have a mood play “R10 Archgate Activation” with “Metal Gate” and “Large Gates Open” as a grouped one-shot to make a large magical gate open, but without stopping the existing music and environmental sounds.

Think of a mood as a preset of sounds. Starting a second mood, by default fades out the existing mood.

Moods are by design set to be played one at a time. A mood can contain any number of elements, each of which can have its own settings and samples. A one-shot, on the other hand, is just that, a one-shot (That can contain several different samples) that plays once.

What you can do though is create a mood called Archgate activation and then set several elements to each play once and with preset timings so that when you select the mood you get tall of the sounds of the gate opening in sequence. Once finished you can then have the mood just play the background sounds for that scene. Take a look at Deadsuns: Incident on Absalom Station. The Driftrock “spacewalk” for a good example of how this works

Think of a mood as a preset of sounds.

Yup, I totally get it. And I don’t love it, since it limits adaptability. I understand the workaround, but that assumes that I only ever click on moods to play sounds. In which case, why have the interface?

If I Play Mood 1, then add or remove sounds (or adjust volume levels of individual elements) in response to the party’s actions - now my one-shot enabled “Mood 2” won’t match.

I’d prefer to see layerable moods, or something like a 2-scene preset lighting board, where I can mix two scenes at once, cross-fade and mix between them (set their volume levels independently).

Our use case is to have a live sound designer mixing the soundscape by riffing off of the DM and players and a rough episode layout (because player actions aren’t scripted), so I realize our use-case is probably more advanced than most.

I tried to do this too right now. I noticed that if I, after setting “start with mood” on the one shot, chose to save current mood, the setting was gone. I had to just click it and leave it at that to save it in that state.

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Yes save the mood to its current state and then attach the oneshot with the “Start with Mood” option.

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