How to switch easily between different campaigns/DMs?

So, I have 3 different DMs/Campaigns that I play in that all are using Syrinscape.

How do I switch easily from one GMs game to another?

We are currently investigating ways to improve game management. Currently as a GM running multiple games, you will need to end the game and re-invite players each time you want to play with a different group of people.

The easiest way is to share the invite link from the GM’s control panel. Each player can just click that link and they will be straight in. Players can bookmark this link and it won’t expire, unless the GM chooses to “regenerate” it from the control panel. BUT this will allow players to jump straight into the GMs game at any time without approval.

Alternatively, the GM can invite previous players from the control panel contact list (players will need to accept) OR players can request to join a previous GMs game from the contact list (GM will need to accept).