How to select particular One Shots - RESOLVED


Just curious…how do I add a particular One Shot to my main board?
I know there are preset One Shots, but there are particular One Shots I’d love to have on the main board. It’s rough to have a pre-set playing, then have to stop running the campaign just to find a particular One Shot sound.



I don’t believe there is a way to add it to the “universal one shots” section at present, but you could make a custom soundset with the Soundset Creator and put whatever one-shots you want on that set, which would certainly simply finding them during a session!


If you follow what HEcook says them contact syrinscape support they can add those selected ones to universal one shots I believe. I don’t know what thread it was discussed in but that is what I understood.



Yes, we are WORKING towards people being about to set which OneShots are Global OneShots (in the Online Creator bit), but for the moment, contact ME or Steve at support dot syrinscape dot com and we will set them manually on the server ourselves.

Because = sounds at fingertips = good! :ghost:


I know you’re a busy beast sir, I appreciate the reply and looking forward to see what’s cooking next. It would be dope to have a customizable Oneshot table to use with our sound sets. Looking forward to it!


Glad to see this topic is getting traction again. Been waiting for this functionality since 2017. :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, on a slightly-related topic, is anyone else having issues with the volume slider for one-shots? It seems to be capped with whatever the global volume is set to, which sort of defeats the purpose of the system - you generally want one-shots to be LOUDER than the background sounds, but in the current iteration it seems you can only make them quieter.

… or am I missing something here?


Well, hopefully it gets finalized this year.

Gotta say though, whenever I run a campaign using all the sound sets at the local game shot, everyone stops and watches the campaign. It would be so dope to personalize all the “one shots.”


@lordotos @HECook @davinci522 @benjamin @nalgrazzim This is now possible via the creator:


Is it also possible to remove ones already there in a similar simple fashion?


@davinci522 You will only be able to remove oneshots originating from your own private soundsets. You will not be able to edit public soundsets (to uncheck `Show in global oneshots). You can uninstall public soundsets from the genre players, if you don’t want to see global oneshots from those soundsets, but the online player doesn’t require soundset installation. You always have access to all soundsets that are available to you.


@sonofconan Yes, next step on this one is to let people hide some of the HOST of OneShots visible in the online player.

There are other really important things ahead of that on the list at the moment though, but we WILL get to this!

Mainly - YAYAYAYAY that we can finally do this! THANK YOU!


Oh yeah, I love that we can easily add them. There is just so many already since I use the online version that I still don’t use them cause it takes too long for me to find the one I want to use. Being able to hid them so only the ones I want are visible will get me to actually use the one shot feature.


Does changing the order of the SoundSets in the left-hand column of the Online Player change the order the OneShots attached to those SoundSets appear in the Global section?

That’s worth checking (as a work around for the moment). eg put the ones you don’t want at the bottom.

*goes to check


Works for other people?


That is an interesting find. I may have to try that.