How to place custom moods on multiple divices - FIXED


I made several custom moods on my PC. I would like to copy them to my laptop. Is that possible?


Custom moods are stored locally so can’t be copied between devices. The function is really just to allow you to save the state of a custom soundset during your game or during prep. For full customisation you really need the Syrinscape Soundset Creator. That will let you build new soundsets, copy and edit existing ones, upload your own music and sounds and sync your creations across your devices. You can even share your creations with the rest of the community!


Does this still hold true? If so, this would be very unfortunate for people like me, who buy single soundsets and don’t have a subscription.
When I decided this, I thought both model would be equal in features. Now I have already bought some soundsets and am very reluctant to change to subscription due to lost money to owned soundsets and the fact that I’m not dm-ing regularly.

Anyway, I stumbled about this, because I created a custom mood and linked it in Realm Works. Clicking it works fine and as intended, but I guess, if I start Realm Works and Syrinscape on my laptop, I will to have to recreate the moods.


Hi @bauer.newsletter

Yeah, full customisation is something for subscribers.

If you’d like we can refund your individual purchases and then you can chuck that money at a subscription instead.



Similarly I’d like to have my custom moods available on both my PC & Laptop. Realizing they are stored locally, can I use my own syncing solution (Goodsync, etc.) to copy certainly files between my own machines so they’ll show up in both places? Which files would they be?

For what its worth, I am a subscriber, but I’ve not played with any of the online player or creator tools yet. After a brief (only minutes long) look a few months ago they struck me as more complicated than I was willing to get into at the moment.

EDIT: While I am still interested in knowing the answer to my question above - I’ve now sat through the editor tutorials and realize that is the better bet for what I need. I’ll just need to recreate my custom moods as custom soundsets…and then re-link them into RealmWorks.


Hey @curtis.lithgow Yeah, I get the feeling the sort of customisation you are looking for is something you’ll find in the Creator… also look out soon for a GREAT new update to the Creator that will makes things HUGELY smoother. Doing in house testing now. :sweat_smile:

In answer to your actual original questions, the custom moods are stored in the registry so not really suited to easily transport to new devices.

Ask questions and get help as you need it! :slight_smile: