How to install Syrinscape on Linux Server

I would like to install Syrinscape on a Linux server (machine without graphical user interface), to access it from a client PC within my home network.

Is this possible? Is there a documentation available?
I downloaded the player and extracted the TAR file, but there is no documentation or ReadME contained…

EDIT: NVM they work fine. The builds from AUR do work for me

Right today I have tried all Syrinscape clients (scifi, fantasy, online player and web client) on my Linux machines but couldn’t get them to work. Maybe DRM?

Maybe Syrinscape in linux could be bundled as a Flatpak/Snap or an electron AppImage ? There is also discussion here:

There’s no drm on the Linux client

Strange, installing the build from the AUR did work:
I was probably missing something on the manual installation

Yes aur is where it’s at (I do the aur package)

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Thank you for doing that!!

What is AUR about? Never heard of that.
In which ways does it differ from the official release?

AUR is a community maintained repository for software that can be installed in either of the ArchLinux based distributions (Arch, Manjaro, ElementaryOS, etc).

From there it can be installed with a single command with
yay -S syrinscape-scifi-player

Not sure why I didn’t have luck with the Linux client from the website. Haven’t debugged. Just untar’ed the files into my home folder and launched the executables, which worked but did not play any sound for me. The one installed from the AUR did work for me (this is solely based on my experience btw).

Does this Linus installation work command line only, to be accessible via network access from other clients throughout my private network?

And: will I somehow be able to install this on Ubuntu, running on a Raspberry Pi?
Due to the ARM architecture, I think I will somehow have to compile a build on my own, right?

It’s not designed to work from the command line only. At the least, you would need a headless server (such as Xvfb), and it would be very difficult to configure. Controlling it remotely is possible, but it can be difficult to get right. You may be much better off using VNC to control it, rather than trying to use it from the command line only.

Syrinscape, as far as I know, do not currently provide a Linux ARM version. I doubt they would be able to do so easily: they rely heavily on Unity, which doesn’t support Linux on ARM.

Regarding the AUR build, that doesn’t apply to Ubuntu; it’s a different system than Ubuntu’s apt-get. My friends and I do use the regular Syrinscape player on Ubuntu (on x86_64) and Debian (which is very similar to Ubuntu).