HOW to hide my real name in the Online Player


Hi there,

Really enjoying Syrinscape so far. I run an online game and my players would like to remain as anonymous as possible (particularly because we’ve got a core group but have recently added a couple new players.) We tried out the Syrinscape Online Player the other day, but it accidentally spooked a couple of my players. When some of them created accounts, they’d given full names and that information popped up when they connected to the online player rather than just providing a user name.

I had them switch their accounts to show their character names rather than real names, but it felt like the damage was done and I could tell there was some discomfort with using the online player at that point. I ended up switching back to using Roll20’s audio for the rest of the session.

It’s on me that I hadn’t properly prepped my players ahead of time, but I wouldn’t be comfortable forcing them to choose between using the Online Player or miss out on all audio. That said, I still think Syrinscape is extremely cool and could add a ton to our sessions.

Are there any alternative methods I could use to play the audio for my players without losing a bunch of sound quality? Currently, we just use Discord and Roll20, and I’d like to avoid asking my players to download additional programs, if possible (recognizing that it will probably take some more work on my end.) From poking around the forums, it looks like Roll20 happens to be the only major VTT that doesn’t support Syrinscape at the moment (bummer), and I’ve already attempted to play audio straight into discord but found that it was just losing too much quality with the limited bitrate.

Can someone point me toward a 2nd best solution for providing Syrinscape sounds online, given that it doesn’t seem like Syrinscape Online is going to work for our group (at least at this time)?



Very simple to fix. Just get your players to go here:
And enter anything they like in the Nickname field.

This is what will be shown in the Online Player.



Note: your players would have seen this screen when they created their account, AND every time they log into the website. Do you think we should make the explanatory text even MORE obvious?


Thanks for the quick reply, Benjamin.

To be honest, most of them seemed pretty psyched about using Syrinscape Online, but one in particular is very very cautious about about any apps he downloads and any information he shares. Most players quickly sorted out the profile issue so it would display the names they wanted, but by that point our particularly cautious player was feeling uncomfortable.

I don’t see this as a “problem” that many other people would face. I’m searching for a technical workaround for a quirk of one of my players, not an issue with Syrinscape. Hopefully, I can get him to come around eventually, but I’msearching for a viable Plan B in the meantime.


You can send the syrinscape desktop app sound to your players using voicemeeter and cleanfeed if you are interested. Voicemeeter is an app you would download (but not your players) and cleanfeed is a browser based program (chrome only right now) and all they would have to do is click a link you send them to launch sound. Really slick.

I have a youtube video on the setup if you are interested.


That would be awesome! I was messing around with using Discord previously and having trouble, but if cleanfeed could do this, it sounds like exactly what I’m looking for.


Here you go! Let me know if u have questions.



All of your other Players can still use the Online Player… and you can just send through the audio to the concerned Player using the above method.

That way Players can still use the remote control links to trigger their spell sounds etc, and you won’t miss out on the improved search functions and so forth in the Online Player UI.

Let us know how you go.


Did cleanfeed work for you? Interested to know. Thx.


Hey, sorry for the lack of reply until now. Didn’t get a real chance to try the cleanfeed solution out until last night, and I think it worked really well.

Most of my players used the Syrinscape player, but the one cautious one used the cleanfeed link. I was finding that the cleanfeed link loses a bit of audio quality compared to Syrinscape’s online player, but it was good enough that I could give everyone else the Syrinscape experience without cutting one of my players out of the audio experience entirely.

Thank you!


Perfect. That is what I like to hear!