How to have custom moods for an emotion and moods for an environment play at the same time?

(I checked FAQ and ProTips but didn’t find this addressed.)

As a Syrinscape creator using the web interface for a live play TTRPG show, I need to select the underlying background mood music based on what’s happening in game. I have created a variety of custom moods for this purpose. This part works.

I would like to create additional custom ‘moods’ which are only focused on location sounds. For example; the drip drip of a dungeon with some muffled growls in the distance. Or a sunny clearing in the forest with bright flowers and birds and so on.

Finally, I want to mix and match these moods and settings so I can set the location of scene AND tone of a scene at the same time. For example, I may want to play:

  • Sunny forest clearing setting PLUS Happy travel montage mood
  • Sunny forest clearing setting PLUS Combat has started! mood
  • Dungeon setting PLUS Spooky exploration mood
  • Dungeon setting PLUS Combat has started! mood

The goal is to lay down the environment soundscape and then manage the background mood music independently. Usually, the party is in a single location for a while, but the emotion of what’s happening evolves with the story. Then they travel to a new location and the whole process repeats.

I know this could be accomplished by creating moods for each possible variation, but that creates a huge number of moods -many of which may never be used.

How do I play 2 moods at the same time? Or, how can we accomplish the same goal through other means?

Thank you for any suggestions!

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Right now there is no way to start a mood without it stopping other elements that are not part of the new mood.

However, we are looking at ways to make it easier to build dynamic scenes on the fly by mixing and matching or layering music, environmental and monster effects. Keep the suggestions coming! The more we know about how you would like to use Syrinscape, the better we can incorporate that feedback into our design :smile:

In the meantime, we do have an API and there might be someone in the community willing to create a simple UI with which you could start collections of elements without stopping elements that are already active.

You could use our Master Interface still to create the various collections of elements you want to layer, and paste in their mood ID to this theoretical UI, which could then fetch the element IDs for each mood and start them directly without stopping anything that is already playing.

If anyone would like to work on such a thing, feel free to contact me for help with the API and point you in the right direction to get started.

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