How to have an element fade in?

I am trying to create a mood that starts quiet and reflective, like a peaceful night and then gets inturupted by an angry mob. But the mob sound just appears, rather than fading in like it is coming from a distance. When I played with the distance and movement sliders I didn’t notice anything really changing.

Hi Rob, The easiest way to do it is to go to the element in question and set the initial volume low, it will then fade from the low volume to your set volume giving you the fade effect that you want.

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thanks heaps Steve. Legend


Hey, sorry to necro this thread, but I have the exact same issue. However, when I set the initial volume to 0 (the normal set volume is at 50%), it still just starts the track off at 50% volume. There is no fade-in. This solution was given 6 years ago, so I have a suspicion things might have changed since this advice was given. Is there a modern way to do this, or am I just doing something wrong?

Hi Daarka,

The fade from the Initial Volume to the volume set by the Mood is pretty quick so probably not what you are looking for.

I would:

  1. hard code the fade into a sample
  2. use a crossfade of how long you want the fade in to be (depending on the type of samples you are using).

Can you give us a bit more of a specific use case for what you are looking for. Type of element, types of samples, their durations etc.

Then I can probs help a bit more specifically. :slight_smile: