How to Change Subcription Plan - RESOLVED


I’ve being trying to change my Subscription (other than canceling); however, I can’t find an option (or the ability) to do this. I’ve sent an email requesting help; however, I was hoping to receive some assistance via these forums.

Thx guys.


I’m not seeing an email from you @lordotos, did you email us at support?

Buuut to answer your question, all the information for upgrading and downgrading can be found in our FAQ, here’s a direct link to the article (Which has just been updated thanks to you reminding me!)

Any problems then let me know and we can help get you sorted :slight_smile:


Sorry sir, I sent an email to “Anna” since it was the listed contact email on PayPal.
So according to the link, I need to cancel the automatic payment via PayPal, and when it lapses at the end of the two month period, I re-subscribe at a different level.

Will cancelling the subscription effect any of my saved sound-sets I’ve created for my Campaigns? (e.g. I have to re-install all the sounds again, it will erase all my campaign sound sets)?


Nope, your account is linked to your email address. As long as you subscribe using the same address then all of your content will just carry straight across as if nothing had happened (besides the change in sub level) :slight_smile: