How to cancel the Request to Publish from Online creator - RESOLVED


I hit the publish button, and now its stuck waiting for someones approval. I didn’t see anywhere to cancel this process. I thought I was going to be “Uploading” like we had to before so we could DL the content into the desktop player. I know you can duplicate it to continue working on the copy, just don’t want to waste yalls time having to look at it to approve it.

Mucho appreciated. Loving the new online creator guys! Much easier to find things etc.



There’s no need to upload anymore before accessing in the genre players (Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Board Game).

Your private soundsets should be available to install without doing anything, but there might be a delay of around 5 minutes before any changes you make in the online creator become available in the genre players.

But an option to cancel your request to publish is a good idea, too. Thanks for that and the positive feedback!


I think I can REGECT your request. What is the SoundSet called?

@tai_admin It’d be good for me to be able to see the user who is asking for approval so I can contact them.


@benjamin already made a ticket that included that change (as I discovered when I went to view pending soundsets and had no idea who created any of them) :smiley:


@dpilsner I REJECTED for submitted SoundSet.

  1. Do you have control of it again?
  2. Did you get my message?

First time I’ve done that! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


replied to your email. thanks for the assist! all is well with the universe once again.


@dpilsner You can now cancel your own requests for review via the master interface :smiley:


Fist pump! thanks guys. ggs!


Ah, awesome, Thanks @tai_admin