How to bookmark music?

When going to the Master Interface, I’ve been able to use the ‘beta’ search to locate some cool music/moods for my game. But HOW do I bookmark these so I can get easy access during my campaign?


I don’t know about a way to do it in the online player, but you could make a campaign out of the relevant sets so that you could have them all under one umbrella, as it were.

If you check out the Soundset Roulette series of videos on Youtube put up by Syrinscape, she shows how to do exactly what you’re looking for in each one.


One thing that some of us have started to do is tag music. Easy ways to find the music you want is to search for “music” and the mood you want. For example, “creepy”, “combat”, “calm”, “heroic”, dark, “romantic”, “sad”, “tense”, “upbeat”, “magical”, “dark”, “light”
I hope this helps

It helps to find music - but i still can’t ‘bookmark’ it…
Is there a way to bookmark music so I can retrieve it quickly in game?

P.S. Just to clarify, I am using Syrinscape online only!