How to activate SuperSyrin 1 Month Free Trial Subscription? - RESOLVED


This is probably a stupid question, but I couldn’t figure out myself.

I am trying to get the SuperSyrin 1 Month Free Trial Subscription, using the link I received in my email. I go to
where it is still showing the offer. Then I clicked subscribe and authorized with my PayPal successfully.

In the Mac app, when I try accessing one of them non-free soundsets it still redirects me to the store, when it still charges me for that soundset. If I get the subscription, shouldnt all soundsets be available to download for free? Am I missing something?

Thanks in advance


Hi @rodrigo.olivi, do you want to contact us at with the email addreess that you used to register and we can take a look at your account for you :slight_smile:


Hi Steve,

Ok, already sent them an email with the same explanation.

Thanks for the quick reaction