How many songs per soundset? How to care for larger library of personal music?

I’m working on transitioning from Spotify into Syrinscape (via Arkenforge). I’ve downloaded all of my various playlists (self-created and followed from other users) to the tune of 35gb of MP3s.

I’ve organized into a folder structure and am ready to start the parade of mp3 -> wav conversions. I’m now digging deeper into the guides and hard limits of soundsets and now I’m worried:

How many songs, using the recommended wav conversion settings, can you fit in a soundset? wav is a pretty big file type so I’m worried I’ll need to create WAYYYY too many soundsets to account for all of the songs.

How best can I care for this larger library of music inside Syrinscape?


Sorry no-one has answered this yet.

I would recommend no more than 12 songs in a SoundSet.

Consider making a series of SoundSets each representing a MOOD.

Like the: “Music - scary”, “Music - relaxing” SoundSets that are already in Syrinscape.

Does that work for you?

Also, there’s a 100MB file size limit per sample. If your files are already MP3 format, why are you converting them to WAV before upload? Once uploaded, we will transcode the original back to MP3 and OGG for use in the Syrinscape players.