How do you unbless a device? - RESOLVED

I need to do this, but I can’t find it in the app or on the website. Help?

You should be able to follow a link from within the app, when it demands you do so.

BUT, I can do it for you if you let me know which device you want to remove?

Yup, found it. I didn’t click on the button because I assumed from the way it was phrased that I needed to do it BEFORE I continued.

Clicking on the button brings you to a list of blessed devices and asks which to remove.


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Hi there,

i have the same Problem, but when i click on the button, nothing happens.
I also wonder, why i can’t use the Soundssets because i’ve only installed syrinscape on one Computer more.

if it’s possible, please delete all blessed devices, so i can use it again correctly.

thx a lot from germany

Hi @Dendro,

I’ve cleared ALL your blessed devices, so yes, the next three devices you sign in on will be your three blessed devices.

Let me know if all that works! :smile:

Most importantly though, thanks for your support as a subscriber!!! I hope you’re enjoying all the sounds!

Hi Benjamin,

thanks a lot for cleaning.
It works fine again.


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Yay! :smile:

Here is :beer:


I have the same issue with my PC installation. It showed me that my device has changed and now I can’t log in. Could you please also unbless all my devices?

Thanks and best regards

Hey @tom

Done. Working for you now? :smile:

Unfortunetly not. I already checked the firewall, completely removed the software and and all the files and folders on my pc. After I reinstall the player, it still got my e-mail address, so apparently I did not delete everything.

Shortly before I got the message that my device had change and I had to rebless it, I got a new Monitor and installed some Software, but that shouldn’t affect the player.

Any suggestions?

PS: Win10, latest Updates

Hi @tom

So you are getting a device id change message which is fine.
Now you just need to log in again.You can find the LOGIN button in settings (little cog) if you lost it.
Are you having trouble doing that? What message are you getting when you hit “SIGN IN”?

NOTE: Whenever you change the setup of your PC, new drives, cards etc… you’ll have to sign in again.

Syrinscape IDs where it’s being run, to stop one account being used on 1000 computers.

Logging in again, should take literally 3 seconds, though… :slight_smile:

When I start Syrinscape it shows the login screen. I hit SIGN IN and nothing happens. I’m not even getting a loading symbol or anything. I have no problems when using my account on an android device with the app.

Meanwhile I uninstalled the software to maybe fix the problem without success.

Hi Tom, what device are you having problems with, PC, Mac, iPad? is there a message at the very top of the screen?

Hey, I would like all of my devices cleared or “unblessed” so that I can bless my new IPhone. When I try to bless it, it just repeats the message saying I can only have three at a time. Please help me by clearing the current devices or by telling me how to do it myself. Thank you!

With this message there should be a link to a webpage where you can unbless devices. Doesn’t this link show up? Maybe scroll down a little, as it might be a little further down?

Yes as @new_vision says you SHOULD be able to be unblessing devices yourself (via the link).

But SHOULD and CAN are sometimes different things! :smiley:

Either way, I’ve hopped onto the server an manually clear all your blessed devices, so NOW, the next three devices you connect with will be your blessed devices.

Let me know if that works for you.

Hello Benjamin, Can you please unbless my devices. I recently got a new computer I am trying to transfer to. Thank you!

Just install it on the new computer. When you start Syrinscape and you have no free devices left, a link comes up, that, if followed, leads you to a web page where you can choose, which device you want to unbless. Easy as that.


When you go to bless a fourth machine Syrinscape “should” give you the option to unbless the others but it doesn’t always appear for some people, add-blockers etc stop the pop up. So yep we can happily do it for you :smile:

Give it a try now :smiley:

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