How do I update my payment method? - RESOLVED

I am having issues with PayPal and want to switch to a different payment method (perhaps just a different PayPal account), but I can’t find a way to do that in my account.

Where can I change the payment method?

Your PayPal account is linked directly to your Syrinscape account. So if you wanted to set up a new PayPal account then you would need to cancel your current agreement in PayPal, which would also then make your subscription expire at the end of the current payment cycle. Then sign up again using your new PayPal account. As long as you use the same email address and are logged into your Syrinscape account when you re-subscribe then all of your existing content and campaigns will just carry over.

Are you sure?
I have a huge amount of custom content, playlists, etc. Weeks of work. I can’t risk losing that.

As long as you re subscribe using the same email address you won’t lose anything

I hope nothing will be lost.

Might I also take this time to suggest that this sort of registration is very old school? Payment methods should have nothing to do with registration. The two should be completely separate.
I would strongly suggest separating the two.