How do I... Remove/Edit Global Oneshots?

I am using the online player.

I want to create a base set of Oneshots for myself, and my players to have access to that is custom to my game. I do not want Sci-fi/outside of campaign sounds, as it breaks immersion.

I want this as a base template for my game(s).

First I want to remove the sounds I do not wish to use in the game.
(I will ask about adding sounds later, I just want to pull out the sounds I do not need from the online player at this time.)

I was hoping for a Step by step process, i.e… From Properties, open the soundset, from the soundset… etc.

Hi @Valiance,

There is NO current way to hide OneShots you don’t want showing… yet!

It’s definitely on our list of TO DOs, but just hasn’t reached the top yet.

In the meantime, just checking you have seen THIS playlist of vids… for other stuff all around this area of topicness?!

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