How do I permeate my custom moods across different platforms - RESOLVED


I use my iphone or iPad to play my syrinscape sounds. But ti’s so much easier setting things up on my macbook (bigger screen, better controls e t c). If I create a custom mood on my Macbook, how do I get it across to my other platforms? As I have an account I guess the app would be able to download and sync all platforms through the account settings?


@bjornsundell Use the Syrinscape Online Player to create your custom moods and then download/install your customised soundsets on all your devices. Custom moods created in the genre players (Fantasy, Sci-Fi, etc.) are not synced with the server or other devices. But custom soundsets/moods created in the online player are.


Sorry for being daft but I don’t understand. Does this work if you only have the Dungeons&Dragons subscription? If so - how?

I tried to create a campaign, added the soundsets I wanted to use creating my custom moods. I also added a custom mood into the campaign (thought I needed that to collect my moods into a sound set).

As I started the online player and the master control I could pick what campaign I wanted to work with but the “custom mood” entry wasn’t there.

I could use the mixer to set what different sounds I wanted to use, but there was no way of saving them.

Am I doing something wrong or is this locked behind the “supersubsciption wall”?


Hi @bjornsundell

Yes, you’ll need to pay the extra few dollars and upgrade to a SuperSyin to do this.

Just sign up in the normal way and the server will calculate partial payments etc.

Let us know if you have any probs! :smiley:

Mainly… THANKS for your support as a sub already!!!


Thanks, I’ll look into that. Is the sound creator available on macOS and iOS too? (Page not found if I try and access it through your homepage)


The Creator functionality is now built into the Online Player, and operates directly on our server.

Start here:
Have a go and ask some more questions if you need to! :slight_smile:

Can you point me to the broken link? (there’s still a couple around!)


If I select subscriptions and click the “what do I get” link on the super subscription. In the entry for the soundset creator there’s a hyperlink that ends up in a page not found.