How do I find the device pin please

Can someone please help me figure out where to find my device pin? Thank you.

Hey @syswint,

Are you running the Syrinscape Online Player… available for download here:

NOT the Fantasy Player.

If you’ve LINKED your device, then the very first thing that will appear on the UI will be the PIN.

Here’s a good walk through of the process of getting setup:

Thank you. Yes I was using the online player but the pin appears for a moment when linking and …after that I can’t find it again. I just had to purchase the subscription, unlink, and link again to get it. Then quickly write it down!

Yay @syswint,

Depending on what device you are using, you should also be able to click on the PIN itself… but it sounds like you worked it out anyways. :slight_smile:

Game on!