How do I change the UI to a fantasy theme?

An example shown above ^

I would like to make the Control Panel look nice, but I’m stuck in the vanilla default looking UI. Help!

I am not aware of any way to change the default UI for the genre players.

The picture is the Syrinscape Fantasy Player, which is our original app designed for use at the table. We also have a sci-if app, which has a more futuristic theme and Syrinscape Online, which is the app I am assuming you are using?

Syrinscape Online has the cleaner more neutral look to it, as it includes sounds from both our Fantasy, sci-if and Board game collections. The UI also allows for more control of the elements, which is important for anybody using the Creator tools.

One account/subscription can be used on any of the apps, so if you like the look of the Fantasy Player then you might want to give that a try instead.

I am using the Syrinscape Online Player

Yeah, so this is the answer you are looking for @numinexofficial :slight_smile:

No way to change that look as of now.

And @numinexofficial

Also, check out this demo video of me working in the Online Player Master UI:

Though this vid doesn’t include a mention of the new shiny beta search, which makes things quite a lot even easier than what you see in this video. Opt into beta testing on your profile page on the website.

And MOST of all, THANKS for your support as a sub! :grinning: :trophy: