How can I see what’s coming soon?


I visit here almost once a week looking for news updates on what’s coming. But looking under the ‘Coming soon” tab in the store has been blank for months. And there’s no official thread in the forum for news on what you’re working on ( I can’t find ine at least). As a monthly subscriber I would love to see a news thread or posting. Maybe trying to update it once a week.

I understand it would take time from other things but anything would be a great addition.


There’s a link to this buried at the end of the “About…” page, but it also hasn’t been updated recently, so I’m afraid it’s not much help…


This page is getting updated this week… it always seems to get forgotten in the effort release stuff! :smiley:

In the meantime… specific questions?

(btw the Coming Soon TAB is not something we use actually = we need to remove it)


Should this be on the home page? Maybe in a side bar?


No specific question. It’s just interesting and exciting to know what is in the pipe.


I’ve been updating this over the weekend so the new page should be up Mon/Tues with lots of new and exciting sets :grin: