How can i get a music sound to repeat is self

Hello all i use Fantasy ground and have the SyrinScape mod and extension. but some how i cant get Syrinscape to repaet it self on 1 sound that i startet to play. plz help so i dont have to restart it every 6 min

thanks on advanced

What is the sound? Music,SFX, OneShot? I would assume that if it doesn’t repeat then it’s not the right mode in Syrinscape.

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i tried make it element. then one told me if i change it to music he meant it will loob. but it never do.

There should be a drop down under element presets that has random, shuffle, or sequential. Under that is a check box that says “start over after playlist exhausted” or something similar. Make sure that is checked.

Also make sure that there is no delay timing in the “delay between samples” slider. That could also be a reason it is not looping right away.

so what is repeat on those 3 option because random, shuffle, or sequential is not repeat as far i know

Make sure the bottom one is checked.

Also make sure that reads “0 sec to 0 sec” or there will be a delay from when the sample ends to when it repeats.

okay thanks i will try that now

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Thanks @davinci522

Always so nice to see people helping each other out. :slight_smile:

@torben.bk74 Just checking you’ve watched these?

thanks @davinci522 it was a great help it worked. i will look more youtube videos on all this . thanks @benjamin


Yay! Glad you got it sorted and thanks again @davinci522 :grin:

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